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Executive Hotel Le Soleil New York mentioned in Burger Weekly

Not to be confused with Trademark Burger in SoHo, Trademark Taste & Grind is another brand new burger joint in Manhattan, though further uptown and existing within an entirely different sort of concept. Nestled almost secretly behind a coffee shop in Hotel Le Soleil, Trademark is dimly lit with intimate booths that will have you drifting off to sleep if you didn’t stop in front for some coffee first.

I had already eaten a lot of food by the time I’d arrived at Trademark, having earlier attended the NY Best Wings Festival, so it was going to take a really great burger to get me out of my food coma and into good spirits. 

Burger Ordered: TM Burger

The Taste: Topped with Nueske’s bacon, jalapeño jack cheese, fried pickled onions, peppers, and special sauce, this burger was a beast. The patty and cheese were already dripping by the time the plate came to the table. The bacon really set the whole thing off here. Every bite was a bacon frenzy. Though my chicken wing-filled body wanted to quit, I found myself compelled to eat every bite of the burger that I was given. The intense flavors would not allow me to stop shoving food into my face.

Fortunately for my tongue but unfortunately for my waistline, the burger wasn’t the only thing that tasted incredible at Trademark. The fries were very crispy and salty, and they easily floated down my gullet thanks to the Sierra Nevada Otra Vez gose that I had ordered. To top it all off, the incomparable Chef Adrienne Guttieri insisted that I not leave without trying Trademark’s fresh baked cookies.

The Verdict: Everything at Trademark was fantastic. I ate so much that it caused a temporary sense of self loathing during my car ride home, that I can now say with some perspective has been replaced in my mind by three words repeating over and over again: totally worth it.

Trademark Taste & Grind is located at 38 West 36th Street in Manhattan, New York.